Who, What, When, Where… and of course WHY?

Sake Bomb A Go Go is a weekly show on http://www.RadioStPete.com that features garage, punk and oddities from Japan, Korea and parts unknown. But mostly Japan. The host mOw has always had a love for Japanese garage and punk and stoked that love when he spent a year abroad in Korea teaching middle school children that did not want to learn English. During that year he attended Korean punk shows in an exploding scene and also ventured into Japan for a wild concert at the UFO club in Tokyo.

That covers the who and the what, As for the When… it is a weekly show so look for a new upload each week. The where is a bit more interesting. As stated above, mOw does 2 weekly shows for RadioStPete.com so it would stand to reason that mOw hails from Florida (like, near St. Pete). Which for quite some time he did BUT then he moved to Appleton Wisconsin for a “change of scenery”. So look for interesting discussion about life after 26 years in Florida.

Not the biggie… WHY? Well, some say he just loves to hear the sound of his own voice. Others say he is too stupid to stop. But still OTHERS say he has a deep passionate love for all things Japan and his music taste just can’t be beat. Whether any of that is true we will leave up to you gentle listener… we suggest you sit back, and enjoy without thinking too much about the content.